Tyre and Suspension Basics

Though the video is specifically titled, “MotoGP Basics Tyre & Front Suspension” this short tutorial is a very good dynamic explanation of both the vertical (gravity) and lateral (radial or centripetal) forces acting against tyres and wheels. These same forces (albeit much less in N) which are acting upon a bicycle as well.

When lateral force becomes greater than vertical force…(it is usually the front) wheel that loses traction. (Coefficient of Friction)  This occurrence is referred to as washing out or a low side. The bicycle is a rolling physics lab, it is an amazing piece of machinery. Efficient and relatively simple, yet the complexity of applied forces in action are amazing.

The second part of the video explains the action of the front fork suspension on a motorcycle, which is the exact same dynamic action as a mountain bike/cross bike fork. And btw… I know ‘Air’ is the hot ticket right now in mtb suspensions, but the best forks and machines in the world (GP/SBK) are utilizing oil and springs, so that should tell you something.

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